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BikeTaxi combines advertising with sustainable transport

We enhance Berlin's city center and events of all sizes with an eco-friendly transportation concept. Our advertising and promotion efforts are not an end in themselves, but rather a means of transporting passengers.

Our BikeTaxis are three-wheeled pedelecs, which are bicycles supported by small electric motors. This allows us to travel in the city without emitting CO2. Additionally, our batteries are charged using green electricity throughout the company, making our operations even more environmentally friendly.

Our CoffeeBike not only prepares coffee and other hot drinks, but also has enough bicycle technology to be driven through the city with both muscle power and electric assistance. We strive to minimize the use of trucks and prioritize the use of organic, regional, and fair-trade products. Additionally, we encourage the use of reusable cups and dishes and discuss this option with every client.

However, we also aim to guarantee sustainable processes and respectful treatment of employees and partners throughout all areas of the company. We recognize that each of us must design our processes to protect the environment as much as possible. Currently, we are in the process of obtaining a Sustainable Agency certificate from visitBerlin, which will further our commitment to sustainability.

BikeTaxi supports the 17 Global Sustainable Goals of the United Nations.
Our focus is on Goals 8, 11 and 12

The 17 global sustainable goals of the united nations

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We support the Sustainable Development Goals
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