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BikeTaxi is the largest rickshaw company in Germany. Its success is due to a combination of eye-catching advertising, eco-friendly transportation, and personalized experiences.

BikeTaxi began operating in Potsdam in 2002 and expanded to Berlin through a merger with another company. Today, BikeTaxi 4 Media GmbH is an integral part of the city's landscape. The management team consists of Andreas Schulz, the founder and an all-rounder, and Katrin Schmohl, who has actively supported BikeTaxi since 2010 and oversees marketing and organization. They are supported by a team of four employees who work in the back office and workshop.

BikeTaxis rents out vehicles to self-employed drivers for a small fee. These drivers use the vehicles to offer their own services in Berlin's city center, such as direct trips and sightseeing tours. Every year, there are between 60 and 100 drivers in the pool, most of whom possess excellent knowledge of the city and many of whom are polyglots. Providing a unique experience for their passengers is of utmost importance to all drivers. Additionally, drivers keep their entire daily income.

BikeTaxi is financed through advertising, promotion, and event rides. The fleet consists of approximately 60 vehicles, almost all of which are equipped with an electric auxiliary motor.

BikeTaxi prioritizes environmentally friendly and sustainable practices throughout the company. This involves combining advertising with a CO2-free mode of transportation, utilizing green electricity within the company, treating partners and employees with respect, and adhering to the philosophy of repairing items instead of discarding them.


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